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Do You Have A Blocked Drain At Back Of House?

Sometimes you may need the help of a professional drain unblocking company to attend to severe drain problems outside your home. However, it doesn't always need to come to that. 

drain pipes outside a private home

The first step should be determining where the problem and if it can be easily fixed. Your shower drain could get blocked due to hair or the products you apply on your hair which goes down the drain. This situation is not expected for your outside drains since they could be blocked with debris, leaves, soil or grease. 

Unclogging the drainage should be done once in a while as much as it is not a pleasant job. If the drain is filled with water, the probability is the blockage is after or before the chamber. Try and locate the where the obstruction is along the entire chamber.

Preventing Blocked Drains 

As the adage says - Prevention is better than cure. Knowing how to avoid a blockage is much more effective than fixing it. Outlined below are a few tips that will help with drain maintenance routines. 

Keep grease out of the drains 

This is an exercise that can be carried out at least three times every year to ensure that the plumbing system is running efficiently. However, it is essential to keep an eye on what goes down your drain if you are looking to keep it in good condition for a long time. 

For example, if your pan is oily, avoid rinsing it out in your sink. Instead, transfer the oil into a bottle which you can later dispose of in the trash. 

drains clogged with debris

Use boiling water

This is another simple maintenance routine; pour boiling water down your drain regularly. Hot water will break down the fat build up in your pipes hence eliminating any blockages.

Add a little baking soda and vinegar

Pour a small amount of baking soda down your drain. Give it a few minutes and pour in a cup of white vinegar. You should hear some fizzing sound in your drain when two elements react. This reaction is what helps with the removal of stubborn stain and dirty. Let the mixture drain for roughly ten minutes and thoroughly rinse it with hot water.

Add some soda crystals

You can add some soda crystals. This is an alternative method. Pour soda crystals in a container and add boiling water. Carefully pour the mixture down the drain. This procedure will remove all fats, grease, oils, and soap remains in your drainage.

Need expert drain unblocking?

If you have tried the DIY suggestions and your drains are still blocked, we can help. Drain Repairs Stockton-on-Tees can provide drain cleaning and repair throughout Darlington and the surrounding areas. Our experts offer CCTV inspections to identify problems quickly. Call 01642 478 050 to clean your drains today.

If you experience blocked drains in the Darlington area contact our drainage expert today. We can unblock your drains quickly and effectively.