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How Do I Deal With Outside Drain Smells?

Sewage smell is one of the most prominent and unwanted indicators of drainage problems. Unfortunately, it's one of the later symptoms to develop so you may already have a complete blockage.

The first thing you can do is pour bleach near where the foul smell comes from or just underneath your manhole. 

However, if the problem persists, you may have to seek help from an expert. The first thing a drainage expert will do is to check for blockages because that’s one of the reasons you might be having smelly drains. This can be achieved through a CCTV drain survey to determine the cause of the foul smells.

pouring bleach to clean drain

Backed Up Sewers

Sewage back up is a result of cooking fats, cotton buds and other sanitary items being stuck inside the pipes. When these material get stuck in the pipework and water pressure inside the sewer system increases, a sewer back up results causing bad smells in a home or even to the surrounding areas. 

It is your responsibility to rectify this problem if the blocked pipe is within your property boundaries. You should not do it yourself because professional expertise is required to determine the main cause of the problem and to resolve it.

exposed septic tank

CCTV Drain Surveys

A CCTV survey will be able to check your drain for structural damage and the extent of the blockage. 

Following a CCTV survey, a drain expert can flush out a blockage using a water jetting system to properly clean your drainage. If the CCTV finds damage in the drain, this can be fixed by installing a drain sleeve or other repair method.

However, if the blocked pipe is in a public sewer outside your boundary or anyone’s boundary, you should consider contacting local authorities to fix the problem. 

If you experience blocked drains in the Darlington area contact our drainage expert today. We can unblock your drains quickly and effectively.