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Who Pays for Blocked Drains

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Who Pays for Blocked Drains

In general, the sewerage firm is accountable for lateral drains that are not within the peripheries of the property, as well as sewers. However, the homeowner is responsible for drains within your property’s boundaries.

Even though the public owns the majority of the sewers at present, you will likely come across unadopted or private sewers. It is your duty, as a private sewer owner to maintain any sewer that is serving your property.

What difference between a sewer and a drain?

A drain is a pipe which is accountable for draining waste and water from the building belonging to it, for instance, a garage. By the term “lateral drain”, we refer to a pipe that is responsible for carrying water away from your residence. It is typically situated outside the boundary of your property, in most cases beneath a public road or pavement.

On the other hand, a sewer is responsible for collecting waste and water from several homes. The public owns the majority of these sewers, and it is your water company which is accountable for maintaining it. Some properties have a septic tank, treatment plant or cesspool rather than being connected to a sewer.

Drain Repair

You have the responsibility for repairing or maintaining any drain within the borders of your residence. Although it is imperative for you to perform this task, you have the freedom to select any company which will do the job on your behalf. Otherwise, you might opt for taking out insurances to make payment for work on the private drains.

On some occasions, it might be imperative for you to have insurance for any drain to your residence. It is advisable to ask your insurance provider whether it is the case with you. On some occasions, you might be instructed by your regional environmental health department to take steps for replacing a privately owned drain or carrying out any improvement work as well. They might perform this If they are of the notion that your drain is quite small for your residence or If it is causing any blockage. If required, the work can be performed by a local authority who will be charging some fees from you.

Sewer Repair

Lateral drains and sewers connected to the public network are the responsibility of the homeowner; the majority of them are maintained by regional water companies right. Make it a point to get in touch with your regional water company if you are facing issues with your local drain or sewer.

Unadopted and private sewers

If you are dwelling on a site that features several properties, you might be having a lateral drain or private sewer.If you have an unadopted or private sewer, it is your responsibility for bearing the cost of repair and maintaining it. You may be ordered by your regional authority environmental health department to either unblock or fix a lateral drain or private drain. If you fail to perform the task within the stipulated time frame, the local authority might complete the job on their own, and they might even ask for fees from you.

Requesting your sewerage company to adopt or take over a private lateral drain or sewer

You can request your local sewerage or water company to either adopt or take over a lateral drain or private sewer within the required standards. It is imperative for everybody accountable for maintaining the lateral drain or the sewer to provide consent to the fact that responsibility is bring shifted to the sewerage firm. However, the owners have the right to appeal to OFWAT If the company does not want to adopt a sewer or lateral drain.

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